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Christian SoloGuitarist CY
"If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him, and make Our abode (home) with him." (Jesus quoted by John 14:23)





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I hope...
to be the one who is needed by someone

I hope...
to be smaller when I see someone dead

I hope...
my love for people I don't like don`t reduce
only `cause I love someone else to much.

I hope...
I don`t show favor as other persons
but more than others

I hope...
all take me as I am..
but that they don`t think like me..

I hope...
always to ask for forgiveness..
but that they don`t have to ask for forgiveness to me

I hope...
to encounter the person I love
but not to look for..

I hope...
to live with recognizing my limits
but not to make limits myself

I hope...
to take aim at life of love
but it won`t be my idol

I hope...
all people always entertain their desire

15.4.06 17:55

Ask for...

Ask then you'll get

Look for then you'll find

Knock the door then it will be open

15.4.06 17:22

God`s way

The next time you feel like God can't use you,
remember the following people:

NOAH was a drunk....

ABRAHAM was too old..

ISAAC was a daydreamer....

JACOB was a liar..

LEAH was ugly...

JOSEPH was abused.

MOSES couldn't talk.

GIDEON was afraid....

SAMPSON had long hair & was a womanizer

RAHAB was a prostitute

JEREMIAH and TIMOTHY were too young...

DAVID had an affair & was a murderer...

ELIJAH was suicidal.

ISAIAH preached naked.

JONAH ran from God.

NAOMI was a widow.

JOB went bankrupt.

JOHN the Baptist ate bugs...

PETER denied Christ...

THE DISCIPLES fell asleep while praying...

MARTHA worried about everything.

MARY MAGDALENE was demon possessed...

The SAMARITAN WOMAN was divorced..more than once!!...

ZACCHEUS was too small.

PAUL was too religious...

TIMOTHY had an ulcer....



But it`s god`s way..

15.4.06 16:53






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